Combining over 20 years of prototype, custom and motorsports vehicle electronics experience, Apex Speed Technology is a single-point solution for any individual or organization requiring vehicle electronics solutions.  Our experience ranges from hybrid/electric vehicle development to championship winning professional race cars, offshore powerboats, educational programs and more.

Apex Speed Technology is a factory-authorized distributor for most major manufacturers of vehicle control and data acquisition products, allowing us to provide the best parts and services for any application.  We specialize in developing custom solutions by integrating parts & services from a variety of sources to meet each customer's exact needs.

Apex Speed Technology's staff has diverse backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and wiring technology, mechanical installation and fabrication.  Our team specializes in integrating with staff from other organizations to provide complex and high-quality solutions in fast-paced and challenging environments.


Neel Vasavada

Neel became involved in motorsports while in high school in the Chicago Area.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he was involved in hybrid-electric vehicle development and internal combustion engine research. Neel later worked as Technical Support Manager for EFI Technology in Torrance, CA supporting teams in series including Champcar, IRL, ALMS, Speed World Challenge, and Grand AM.

In 2004 he founded Apex Speed Technology.


Rhys Griffiths

An experienced electronics technician, motorcycle tech and shop manager, Rhys came to Apex first as a customer, working on drag racing motorcycles.  As our senior support engineer, Rhys is the lead engineer for system design and calibration.  He's a certified MOTEC data and engine management specialist and a certified AEM tuner as well as an expert in Pectel, AIM Systems and EFI Technology Systems.  Rhys has some of the most diverse experience in the industry, working on everything from Leslie Porterfield's World Record Land Speed Bikes to high-efficiency Progressive X-Prize vehicles.



Alex Weissinger

Alex attended Southern Polytechnic State University where he was a member of the 2007-2009 Formula SAE team.

Alex started at Apex in the beginning of 2009 as an intern. He has grown considerably in his time here, now responsible for system design and fabrication, as well as base vehicle setup and calibration.  He's quickly becoming one of the best techs in the industry, with a powerful knowledge of Pectel, VIPEC and MOTEC systems.




Meghan Kelley

As Apex's business manager and CFO, Meghan is responsible for keeping things moving.  She's the talented, multi-tasking anchor of our team that makes sure that everyone has everything they need to keep things moving.  She's also responsible for vendor relations and works with new business development.

n Kelley





Tim Whitteridge

Tim's an experienced harness builder and track support engineer, who is quickly becoming one of our lead calibration engineer. He's experienced with Pectel, Vi-PEC and MOTEC systems, and is currently heading up some of our biggest and most important projects.  Tim's a Russel Racing School graduate and also serves as a car chief for The Racer's Ground Grand AM program.  Tim's attention to detail and ability to learn is awesome, which makes his a serious asset to our team!




Kevin Epps

Kevin started as our very first intern, and currently employed by TRD for their NASCAR program.  He's no longer a full-timer here at Apex but he's a good friend of the company and we still count him as part of the team!





2G-Engineering/Hal Glenn

2G Engineering is a privately held engineering services company based in Southern Wisconsin.  Their team of Hal & Emily Glenn have become an excellent addition to the Apex team, providing custom electronics design, manufacturing and support.  Combining Apex's vendor relationships and services with 2G's custom development capabilities allows us to provide just about any solution imaginable for our customer's vehicle electronics needs.



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